• Free Tracks Tuesday

    Right now, most of you guys are turning your snot into icicles so we thought we’d share these hot tracks to warm you up.

  • Free Tracks Tuesday – A Toast to the New Year

    We didn’t get a chance to properly wish you all a happy new year so we’d first like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR. We hope 2011 will bring us all a lot of laughs, a lot of health, a lot of success and just as importantly, a lot of great

  • Paris FZ & Simo T – Comeback [Out Oct. 25]

    The boys from Montreal are back in full force! It seems as though Paris FZ & Simo T aren’t planning on taking a break until they take the entire scene by storm. Their latest production entitled ‘Comeback’ has the signature Paris FZ & Simo T feel, fervent melodies and ball-busting

  • I Ain’t Stoppin (Paris FZ, Pierce Fulton, & Simo T Remix)

    Forget about stopping, these boys are just getting started. A few months back, we wrote a piece about a young Canadian talent called Paris FZ. Fairly unknown just 6 months ago but as we predicted, Paris has started to make a real name for himself. His latest track is a


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