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    Download: Justice’s NRJ Radio Set

    Some things that explode online really show humanity’s dark side – kids on painkillers, kids getting tricked about Halloween candy, kids sticking remotes up their ass…Basically anything involving kids that isn’t on your aunt’s FB page. But this doesn’t involve kids. This is grown man bidness. This, is Justice’s newest set, recorded

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    Video Teaser: Justice – New Lands

    French duo, Justice, just released a teaser for their upcoming “New Lands” music video that’ll drop on July 11th. The guys have never been ones to follow the herd so it’s no surprise that the teaser looks more like a short preview for a feature film than it does for

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    Listen: Justice – New Lands (A-Trak Remix)

    Every time A-Trak releases a new track, right before I give it a listen I make sure to cover my face with both hands because I know I’m about to get smacked the f out. An example of being smacked by a sound is his latest remix of Justice’s “New

  • DJ Kim
    North Korea’s Most Famous DJ

    One of the greatest ways to remember one of the most evil people to walk this earth is to take the piss out of his miserable existence after he’s dead. We might get a lot of hate from the North Koreans…just kidding, they don’t know the internet exists. So here’s

  • Ministry Of Sound ’09

    Made any plans for NYE? Ministry of Sound Live 09, Europe’s biggest NYE party with over 15,000 people ready to lose any connection with reality and welcome in the new year, is just around the corner. The event will take place at the The O2 Arena in London and will

  • Justice gets in trouble for stealing samples

    Currently on the promo trail for their new live DVD/album A Cross The Universe, French electro fiends Justice have made a rather frank – and quite possibly costly – admission in an interview with MTV… They didn’t clear all the samples included on their 2007 debut album †! “If you


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