• Free Download: Last Sunday by Sonorous (Topo & LMK Remix)

    This is a fine remix submitted by Topo spacey enough to be placed in a deep house set and jumpy enough for a progressive buildup. Although I’ve had some problems connecting to it, mainly because its very raw, I believe that in the right DJ hands this remix may do

  • Full Album for download and bonus track+video by The Kickdrums

    The Kickdrums, a duo from Cleveland, Ohio, Have produced for a lot of hip hop artist such as Chamillionaire, 50 cent, Kid Cudi and many more. They have also done official remixes for acts such as Kanye West, Fall out Boy and Adele. Most recently they started releasing their own

  • Free Downloads March ’09 (Part II)

    Here is the second and not last (tomorrow will count as march for thcdj too, because the owner is too big of a lazy dj) of the March Free Download package from (make sure to visit part 1 of free downloads march ’09). Now that more people are submitting

  • Free Downloads – February

    Some monthly load of free 320kbps (mostly) mp3s for your hungry players. all legally posted and endorsed by their artists! Your dose of free promos, directly through – slow times bare with us! “Dj Red – Kick The Groove (original mix)” “Dj Red – Kick The Groove (Josh Dupont

  • Free Download: Coldplay – Clocks (Audible’s Reboot) – bootleg

    This treat comes to us straight from Audible, with regards from Nellie Recordings, saying they are going through some changes and will supply some nice releases out soon, we’re waiting and while we do that, we get this unofficial unreleased tune from the good people over at NR keeping us


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