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    Listen: Rusko X Cypress – Lez Go (Rushie VIP)

    So Rusko and Cypress Hill have a contest going to find the best remix of “Lez Go”, and our boy Rushie has entered an absolute banger. There’s nothing like hearing Cypress Hill over a mutating bass, and Rushie takes things that much further with a bass so warped it contradicts

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    Download: Porter Robinson – Spitfire Bonus Remixes

    In case you slept on it, I caught Porter Robinson’s Language Tour last week, and it was clear why the young talent is currently OWSLA’s franchise player (unless you count head honcho Skrillex). Well, if you ever doubted that summer belonged to the young, this week we’re graced with not one,

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    Download: Cedric Gervais – Molly (J Nitti Remix)

    Cedric Gervais got a little clever during Miami Music Week back in March because homeboy was flying banners through the sky asking if anyone has seen Molly, spreading black and white “MISSING” pictures of a blonde girl named “Molly”, and inspiring Madonna to get her 50 year old ass on

  • A Touch of the Past with a Taste of the Future

    UK based record label La Bombe is about to unleash a monstrous EP on the world. Blende’s ‘Egypto/One-Sided‘ EP features everything from disco to electro to blood-pumping nostalgic funk that would make James Brown do 10 consecutive splits on the clouds he’s chilling on. One-Sided is the slower, more radio

  • Beep Beep Boom: Banger Bros Coming Through

    New hd lesbian porn York based DJs and producers, Scott Binder and Nathan Heal are the masterminds behind The Banger Bros, a duo whose sound causes nothing but chaos in clubs and makes you want to do things that baby Jesus wouldn’t approve of. The Banger Bros’ latest release, ‘Beep Beep Boom’ does


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