• cubicle-purgatory
    The Monday Setup: Week 11

    What’s better than being in a cold office on a Monday morning? That’s right…EVERYTHING. Don’t stress though, because we’re setting you up with enough sets to keep you warm and entertained until the weekend. Happy Monday, babies! [Click pictures to download] Manuel De La Mare – November Grooves D.O.N.S.

  • Tony Arzadon
    N***** In Paris/Selecta Mash up (Tony Arzadon Edit)

    Chicago-based producer, Tony Arzadon, just shared this new mash-up of his. A mix of Jay-Z & Kanye West’s “N***** In Paris” and the Misha Kitone & Danil Abramov remix of “Selecta”. Grab it for free ’cause dat shit cray! [Download] N***** In Paris / Selecta Mash up (Tony Arzadon Edit)

  • Le Que
    Le Que: AutoCue Podcast Vol. 2

    It’s been a while since we got a new mix from Le Que so when this fresh one was delivered to our inbox, we jumped on it like a Pit bull in heat. [Click to Download] Le Que – AutoCue Podcast Vol.2 Tracklist: 01 ID 02 Moby – After (Tommy

  • Boob Control
    Patrick Hagenaar: In Control of the Music and...Boobs

    Patrick Hagenaar’s new track on Nervous Records just dropped today and it’s already been supported by DONS, Olav Basoski, Ron Carroll, and Sarah Main. “Boob Control” is a dico badboy that’ll make the women proud to flaunt what their mamas gave them and the men keep dreaming they could have

  • RJD2 News

    Busy days for RJD2. Seems like the recent separation from his label and the forming of his personal imprint, Electrical Connections, gave him a serious energy boost. To celebrate his new label, on October 20th, RJD2 released a box-set featuring Vinyl versions of ”Dead Ringer” LP, ”The Horror EP”, ”Since

  • THCDJ’s Weekly Top 10 (November 6th – 14th)

    So here it is, the top 10 tracks released this past week. This week we changed things up a bit so you can hear the full tracks before you buy them. Below you will find youtube videos containing full versions of each release and if you’re feeling the track you


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