• Moby Suggests: Disband the RIAA

    Moby has sent a reply to the (almost) $2 million judgment against Jammie Thomas-Rasset of Minnesota for sharing 24 songs yesterday, calling for the RIAA to be disbanded. argh. what utter nonsense. this is how the record companies want to protect themselves? suing suburban moms for listening to music? charging $80,000

  • Go Bananaz – Shutting Down and Sealing Up

    The famous Go Bananaz blog which used to offer pirated mp3s for djs and releases illegaly spreaded, alongside with proper and legal promotions for djs – has shut its doors ealier this Month. The owner and maintainer has departed his blog with some decent fair well words and thoughts about

  • Riel Generosity

    In cartoon porn a world filled with a lot of taking and not much giving it’s nice to stumble upon little acts of generosity such as these. The Riel deal of today’s Trance scene, Sied Van Riel, has posted a note on his official Facebook page calling out anyone and everyone who

  • We Have ?Lift Off

    We ?are? just? two ?singles? away? from? the ?long? awaited? release? of ?Fedde? Le ?Grand’s ?debut? artist? album.? Come? September,? and? having? indulged? in? the? 2? lead? tracks? –? you’ll? be? chomping? at ?the ?bit ?to? get stuck? into? Output.? Scared of Me? is? one? of? two ?lead? singles? from


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