Adrian Lux’s Debut Album Reviewed

I have never met a LUX I didn’t like, granted I usually hang out in department stores and dream of walking out with a YSL leather jacket, but now I’m walking out with a different kind of LUX, and that’s Adrian Lux’ new self-titled debut album.

A few months back I heard this song called “Teenage Crime” and I dug, mucho. I found it both refreshing and extremely radio friendly, which is not really an easy task to pull off (cue Calvin Harris and how every song on the radio sounds like “We Found Love”). I then went on a mission to find out who this artist was – I stumbled onto Mr. Adrian Lux.

So now, of course I am cyber stalking him because I think he is pretty talented (rather pretty AND talented) when I come across his video for “Can’t Sleep”. I think you should just watch the video…

UGH! How lonely am I since me and my BF broke up?! Anyway, this video is awesome.

Now lets talk about the release of his album. I love it. I think Adrian did a really amazing job of keeping the album true to EDM while making it appeal to the masses. Each song has a different feel but fits together in a cohesive collection.

“Alive”, which features The Good Natured (and is a single) has become my running song. It makes me feel ALIVE (pun intended). It is my favorite track on the album, but that is like choosing your favorite color M&M. They are all great, but this one is mine.

Adrian Lux is out now on Beatport and iTunes

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