Above & Beyond’s Official Group Therapy Miami After Movie

I won’t be forgetting Miami Music Week 2012 any time soon and to say I don’t miss it, would be a lie. I miss all of it – the good, the bad, the funny, the wild, the sweaty, the smelly, the douchey…ok, maybe not so much the douchey, but you get the point. The one thing, however, that will still be engraved in my memory when I’ll be so old that my brain turns into a California Raisin, will be Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Miami. I saw people cry, scream, and sing until they coughed up both of their lungs. Strangers hugged, kissed, and danced, and celebrated magic together on every blade of grass and every inch of concrete that downtown Miami had to offer.
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Above & Beyond just released the official after movie for Group Therapy Miami and after I watch this for the eighth time today, I’m going to blast “Sun & Moon” out of the window and watch strangers on the street get possessed by the sounds.

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