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Oh goody, it’s almost Mutek time again! Every year, Montreal hosts one of the most forward-thinking and creative music festivals in North America. The 13th edition of the Mutek International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music will run over 5 days from May 30th to June 3rd. Resident Advisor ranks it as #2 in their Top 10 list of May 2012 festivals, and for good reason.

Mutek is truly taking the festival to the people like never before via a series of daytime outdoor exhibitions around the city in addition to the usual club shows. Audiosphere, an iPhone app developed in association with the festival, lets bus commuters choose a soundtrack custom-made to their route. Mutek will be literally everywhere!

As a festival that is all about the intersection between art and music, you can expect that the shows will be cutting edge. Last year, Amon Tobin premiered his ISAM tour at Mutek and Plastikman did his thing.

Some of this year’s performers include detroit techno legend Jeff Mills performing his The Messenger/Sleeper Wakes show, 808 State alum and electronic music veteran A Guy Called Gerald, minimal artists and Ableton founders Monolake, slo-mo minimalist Nicholas Jaar, avant-house duo and label heads Wolf + Lamb, a live collaboration between Minilogue vs. Mathew Jonson, dubstep producers Kode9 and Shackleton–the list goes on and on.

Watch Jeff Mills share his thoughts about the Sleeper Wakes:

A bit of Kode9 to get you warmed up:

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