Download: Sound Remedy – “Ripple” | “Gush”

So you’ve seen Sound Remedy’s name before, probably on some remixes (including his explosive “Crush on You” remix), but you just can’t attach a face to the name. Well, that’s because he may very well not have a face. His trademark is his crazy-ass masks, which run the gamut from Mexican Lucha Libre, to Japanese Soul Samurai. For someone who hides his face so much, though, he just dropped two stark, emotional pieces that offer us a glimpse into the man behind the masquerade. The first, “Ripple”, offers waves of low-key, progressive goodness, while the second, “Gush”, is done in honor of a lost friend and is a 12-minute progressive epic that goes from haunting strings to hopeful synths. Call me crazy, but I can hear his grieving process throughout the track, and the catharsis at the end makes me feel like Sound Remedy is more than just his name – it’s what he needed at the moment that he made “Gush”. They’re both great, but “Gush” especially is not to be missed, and you can download them both free here:

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