Porter Robinson’s ‘Language’ Speaks Volumes

Miami Music Week exposed us to a lot of new music and one track that found its way into every big DJ’s set that week was Porter Robinson’s “Language”, a melodic and emotion-filled song that had people throwing their hands in the air and closing their eyes throughout the whole duration of it. “Language” shows us Porter Robinson’s diversity as a producer and a deeper side to the 19-year old hit-machine that we’re just now starting to discover.
Porter Robinson recently spoke with Rolling Stone about his latest release, saying, “There’s so much spine-chilling, goosebumps-inducing music out there and it’s barely getting heard in the United States. I want my music to not only be exciting, but also sentimental. ‘Language’ was my attempt to achieve that.”

Porter Robinson’s “Language” is out now on Big Beat/Atlantic and available exclusively on Beatport.

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