[Album Review] Chicane – Thousand Mile Stare

Mention electronic music to unseasoned listeners and their first reaction will be “Oh, like Chicane?”. Mention non-generic, electronic purity to avid listeners and their reaction will be “Oh, like Chicane!”.
No matter how long it’s been since your relationship with electronic dance music started, Chicane has always been the centerpiece of the game. With four studio albums that appeal as much to music lovers in general as they do to core electronic music fans, the formula to a sustainable career in music–sans a sale of the soul–can be found in Nicholas Bracegirdle.
Chicane’s fifth album Thousand Mile Stare comes out next week. While producing the album, Nick said his main goal was to “create an album that felt like a collection of life’s soundtracks” and to entirely veer away from sounding like it can be classified under any one genre or sub-genre – with tracks like “Playing Fields”, “Sólarupprás”, “Flotsum & Jetsum”, and “Fin de Jours”, he’s done exactly that.

“Playing Fields”, combined with the beautifully soothing vocals of Kate Walsh, is a soft atmospheric song that sets a good ambiance without sounding too ambient. “Sólarupprás” (sunrise in Icelandic) will make you feel like you’re sitting atop a mountain watching the sun rise over Reykjavík.
“Flotsum & Jetsum” with Vigri is big and full, otherworldly, and yet it’s simple all at once.
Album closer “Fin de Jours” is incredibly serene. Since Chicane wanted to make an album of life’s soundtracks, this track would be the one that plays to a flashback of a life well-lived.
The only miss on the album is “Going Deep”. I can appreciate an artist who steps out of his comfort zone and experiments with different styles but the rap over the track just isn’t that good. Thankfully, the Moogmonkey Rework Mix does “Going Deep” justice by fully focusing on the music.

My love for Chicane’s productions began with “Offshore”, but “Saltwater” and “Don’t Give Up” sealed the deal. Thousand Mile Stare? Well, that’s just the cherry on top of a cake made out of nearly two decades of great music.

Thousand Mile Stare will see a limited advance world release on April 16th and will receive a full deluxe edition (including 5 new unreleased tracks) release on June 4th.
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01: Hljóp (Chicane & Vigri)
02: The Nothing Song
03: Windbreaks
04: Thousand Mile Stare (Original Mix)
05: Playing Fields (Featuring Kate Walsh)
06: Sólarupprás (Chicane & Vigri)
07: Going Deep (Moogmonkey Rework Mix)
08: Goldfish
09: Flotsum and Jetsum
10: Super Mouflon
11: Going Deep (Original Mix)
12: Fin de Jours

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