Album Review: Eric Sneo – Polarity

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I like my techno, I really do. I enjoy those sweaty late nights where 5am feels like 27am – an hour that doesn’t exist but the techno thump mind-fuckery makes you think it does. That’s why, when I stumbled on one of the German techno scene’s best kept secrets, Eric Sneo, I knew I was in for a ride.

It’s been four years since the German producer released an artist album, when asked about the long wait between them, Sneo said, “Many different feelings from within myself are being expressed therein, feelings which can also be found in the world of contrasting nature in which we live. To assemble these feelings and retain them musically, has taken time. This being the reason why the album is being released only now.” Eric brings up a reality that a lot of today’s producers have lost touch with. Musicians who are interested in making music, invest their all into producing full length studio albums. After all, what’s an artist album if it’s not the purest form of artistic representation of a musician’s innermost thoughts and feelings? However, when a musician is motivated solely by money, the quality of their music is dictated by a time frame, a time frame that’s there to make sure their names are always out there and that’s why we constantly have producers who shit out mediocre albums in under 12 months just to stay relevant. Eric Sneo’s not that kind of musician which is why Polarity is nowhere near mediocre.

I’ll let you guys listen to the Polarity album minimix to get an idea of what March 29th has in store but let me just tell you that this is the first time I’ve ever wanted to be a Norse explorer. Yes, you read that right. That’s how I judge quality techno, because it should make you feel like a fat viking whose shins are about to crack from all the dancefloor pillaging and that’s exactly what Polarity does.

1. Polarity / The Intro (feat. Chris “The Voice”)
2. Polarity / Club Mix
3. Sensation (feat. Marq Figuli)
4. Apoptose
5. Omnipotent Nights 2012
6. Sao Paulo
7. Woodpecker From Mars
9. Quantum Reality
10. Morningsun
11. Voices
12. I remember (feat. Marq Figuli)

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Bonus Track: Shut & Dance (feat. Chris “The Voice”)

Polarity comes out March 29th on Eric Sneo’s own Mudra-Audio records

Polarity Tour Dates:
March 17: ALIAS @ Castel Di Poggio – Florence, Italy
March 30: Chateau Techno – Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 31: Rural Parade Festival (Extremadura) – Spain
April 5: Technoflash – Madrid, Spain
April 14: Industrial Copera – Granada, Spain
May 5: New Basement – Wiesbaden, Germany
May 16: Till-Dawn – Marburg/Lahn, Germany
May 18: Cembrankeller – Linz, Austria

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