Download: Benassi Bros. ft. Sandy – Illusion (Scott James Bootleg Mix)

Long before Benny Benassi started sounding like everyone out there, everyone out there wanted to sound like Benny Benassi. He had his own distinct sound that had so much power, anytime you’d hear his signature bassline creep onto the speakers of a club, the entire place would erupt. This is the first time in years that anything attached to his name has had enough energy to bring back that kind of emotion and it’s all thanks to Montreal’s Scott James. James is a resident DJ at the famed Circus Afterhours in Montreal and has been creating a buzz ever since he started dipping his fingers into the world of music production. His latest work is this progressive house remix of Benassi Bros. and Sandy’s “Illusion” – a bootleg that’s probably too good to be a bootleg.

To all the people who discovered Benny Benassi after Skrillex remixed “Cinema” and are sitting there all sourpuss over this post, I need you to take a deep breath and then go back to begging Skrillex to RT your tweets about getting your tweets RT’d.

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