Sound Remedy Remixes Radiohead & Shares Promo from Upcoming Album

It seems like Sound Remedy exists solely on making music. What happens if there’s a blackout for an extended period of time and his studio is out of commission? Does he stop breathing? I think so.
His two latest tracks which are–as usual–free to share, are both atmospheric and yet completely different.

The first track, “I5″, is a promo from Haunted Valor – an album Sound Remedy plans to drop in the spring. “I5″ will strip you naked, dress you in a diving suit and oxygen tank, and throw your ass deep into the ocean.
Featuring clicks and whistles by dolphins that I’m sure are just saying “eee eeee this shit is bananas eeeee tk tk tk” – “I5″ is full of feeling.

[Listen & Download] Sound Remedy – I5

Speaking of feeling, Sound Remedy’s remix of Radiohead’s “I Will” is a 5-minute emotional rollercoaster. Described by Remedy as a remix that “encapsulates what it feels like to come down from being on hard drugs. Everything starts slowing down and you start hurting. You feel like you wanna die. All you wanna do is drift away.”
This remix of “I will” really does give you a very unsettling feeling but by the time you realize it, you’re already too far gone to get out.

[Listen & Download] Radiohead – I Will (Sound Remedy Remix)

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