Pierce Fulton Celebrates 3000 Fans with 3 Free Downloads

It’s been a minute since we had an update from Pierce Fulton and the only reason we’re not sitting in the corner, teary-eyed and hurt, is because we know he’s been spinning at The Yacht Week in southern Croatia and engulfing central Europe with what the whole world should be lucky enough to witness live.

In addition to Pierce’s recently released remix on Neon Records, he also recently hit the 3000 fan mark on Facebook and decided to express his gratitude by sharing his remix of Hype Jon ft. Terri B’s Left to Right, and Cody Simpson’s On My Mind as well as an original track of his entitled Smiles All Around.
Grab them below and let’s get him to 6000 fans so we can get some freebies from the Fulton music vault.

[Buy: Beatport] Fabian Gray and Emanuele – When U Fall (Pierce Fulton Remix)

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