Manufactured Superstars First DJs to Appear on New App

Back in April 2010, San Francisco based Booyah, the leading social web and mobile entertainment company graced Facebook with its Nightclub City game. A game that blends real music from an array of artists both independent and established. With over 20 million active players and a proven viable marketing platform for musicians, Booyah decided to turn Nightclub City into an application for the iPhone & iPod Touch.
The new app, Nightclub City DJ Rivals, is the first rhythm-based role playing game for the iPhone and iPod Touch and uses location-based GPS technology so players can battle their friends in real world locations to earn rewards and street cred. Players can also become resident DJs at local clubs, restaurants, theaters, and stores to win cash from other Nightclub City DJ Rivals players.
The Denver based DJ duo, Manufactured Superstars, are the first DJs to appear in the game with their tracks ‘Angry Circus’ and ‘Drummer Drums’.

Manufactured Superstars are Brad Roulier and Shawn Sabo. They’re widely known for pumping crowds with their upbeat energy-filled remixes. Their main aim has always been to keep the party going and make sure everyone’s having a good time. With their 25-date residency at XS at the Wynn in Las Vegas, you’ll be able to catch them live this summer and see what all the hype is about. Fresh Manufactured Superstars tracks will be released on Black Hole Recordings soon so keep an eye out!

Nightclub City DJ Rivals on iTunes

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