Robert Babicz Releases Debut EP on Intec Digital

Minimal. Dark. Tech. Deep. Captivating. Unique. BABICZSTYLE

Robert Babicz, the German producer behind ‘Dark Flower’, ‘Sin’, ‘Remote Kiss’ and ‘Don’t Look Back’, just dropped his debut EP entitled Slide & Slide Away on Carl Cox’ Intec Digital label.

Slide & Slide Away was made for you to jump head first into, at the wee hours of the night and not come out until the next afternoon. Over the past few years we’ve realized 2 things about Robert Babicz:
1) The consistency of quality in his releases.
2) Robert Babicz does not f*ck around.

We like it.

The Slide & Slide Away EP is now available on Beatport

By the way, Mr. Babicz, we want your face on a shirt. You could be the Anna Wintour of electronic music.

Think about it?

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