Review: Zippo by Will Saul & Mike Monday on Buzzin’ Fly Records

ZippoYou guys can’t imagine how happy I was to find this track in my e-mail, for those of you who don’t know the names Will Saul and Mike Monday, I’ll just start by saying tsk, and move on to explain that these guys are fairly known around the globe for several projects. This one, a cooperation to satisfy your Tech-House needs, is just a gem, in my opinion for any tech set with a hint for minimal and probably you can use it both for night starters for a happy party, or a floor filler for one of them dark techno nights when you want to drop the tune that will make the crowds remember you. I was given two mixes of the tune, the dub and the mainmix, I’ve chosen to review the main mix since it appealed more to my kind of music, although the dub version could definitely find its proper headphones to mix in to.

What starts as an anemic 4 on the floor beats with a slight memory of a bassline and a tape beep that cycles for a couple of phrases moves on to some groovy tech feeling (aka from now on Zippo!) which makes the energies build up quite good and into several new, funky, but not in the way you might imagine funky, episodes of disturbing parts. definitely not for the hands up in the air dj, but for the proper dj/producer this track could be a base/adhesive for any creative tech/tech-house/minimal set.

Be sure to grab your 12″ or Digital Download of this track from your favorite vendor when its out on Feb 16th.

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David Abutbul, born in 1984 in Beer Sheva Israel, is a Progressive, Tech and Deep House DJ & Producer. At 16 he signed up for a course on radio broadcasting at a local radio station. A year later he landed his own radio show called “The House” which focused mainly on electronic music. He first started mixing on his radio show using two decks with a primitive pitch control and a whole lot of eager for EDM. David Abutbul has been behind the decks since he was a teenager; today he’s not only a big DJ by size, but also by sound. David currently broadcasts a live weekly mix on one of Israel’s leading radio stations. He brings a special flavor which can only be associated with a city like Tel Aviv, Intense and full of life.


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