MixEmergency 1.0 now available

Screenshot of mixEmergencyNot long ago, we told you about the revolutionary program by Inklen called MixEmergency. Now the first public version of the program, version 1.0 is officially released. MixEmergency is a visualisation application for Mac, used to manipulate video and Quartz Compositions in real time. It has been a public beta for a short while and now out of beta and straight into your mac, with some needed buf fixes and brand new features such as new effects, wet/dry effect mix control and a new and improved high-performance rendering pipeline.
As you may or may not know, MixEmergency can be used as a plug-in for Serato Scratch Live (3rd party program to a close source and development hardware – nice work guys) and it is also fully MIDI controllable; any dj with a Midi-capable hardware (mixer/controller) can map the software to his hardware and have amazing VJ options with no extra hardware requirements. Yes, you may use your already exisiting MIDI/SSL rig to now control not only the music your crowd dances to, but also what they can see and look at on the screens with over 40 built-in effects and transitions.

From the Press Release:

“We’ve tried to create a product that allows DJs to be more expressive with their visual sets”, says Nick Feisst, Director of Inklen. “We’re excited to be able to expand the range of possibilities that are easily available to DJs and VJs while also keeping the program simple enough for those just wishing to mix videos and add the occasional text or image overlay”.

You can purchase the full version of MixEmergency from the Inklen website for only US$179, or if you don’t trust the tech specs and you want to see for yourself, go and grab a demo from the demo will not constrict you technically-wise, but will only add a watermark over the output.

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