Serato Scratch Live 1.8.2 Final – Avilable for Download

Serato Scratch LiveAnother maintenence release by Serato, Now adding some more essential features, amongst them, CDJ-400 support and finally win-64bit support.

From the scratch live forum:

New Features and Enhancements:

Support for 64 bit Windows Vista

Scratch LIVE 1.8.2 now runs on 64-bit Windows Vista. New 64-bit drivers will be installed during the install process. If you wish to ensure that you have the correct version of the drivers installed you can run Update Drivers with your hardware connected from the Scratch LIVE folder in the Windows Startmenu.

Library Zoom

The library can now be zoomed to make the library text bigger or smaller. The keyboard shortcuts are:

Ctrl + Zoom In
Ctrl - Zoom Out

CDJ-400 Support

Native support in Scratch LIVE has been added for the Pioneer CDJ-400. The CDJ-400 must have firmware version 1.300 or greater to operate correctly. This firmware is available from Pioneer’s website here:

This device is plug and play: just plug it in, select the USB/PC connection mode on the device if necessary, and it will automatically become a controller for Scratch LIVE.

The Scratch LIVE quickstart guide for the Pioneer CDJ-400 can be downloaded here:

Improved Relocate Lost Files

You can now click on the ‘relocate lost files’ button to scan all connected drives on your computer for missing files. This will be slow but it will work for users who have trouble dragging from Finder or Explorer, or if you do not know where your missing files might be found.

Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous changes:

iTunes library support
- Fixed a bug where the bpm column could appear blank in Scratch LIVE if you use ‘read iTunes library’.

In detail: Fixed bug where if you have accurate song BPMs in Scratch live, then use iTunes to edit song tags, then use ‘read iTunes library’ then the BPM value in Scratch LIVE would show up blank until you load the track.

- The ‘All Audio…’ and ‘All Video…’ crates are now updated correctly when ‘read iTunes library’ gets checked.

- Fixed mpeg-4 files from being corrupted if imported from iTunes without Video-SL installed.

- If you have movie files in your library imported through iTunes and you do not have Video-SL these video files are now removed from your library.

MIDI and Controllers
- Fixed the MIDI preset from not automatically loading when hot-plugging a MIDI device.

- Fixed MIDI mappings from not showing when in ‘midi assign mode’ if you have no MIDI hardware connected but have MIDI controls assigned.

- Fixed bug which caused MIDI presets to not be saved and loaded properly. The old AutoSave preset was always being saved instead.

- Fixed the track list from not being filtered by the browse panel if the browse panel is being controlled by a MIDI controller.

Offline player
- Fixed bug where the offline player would not work after waking from sleep with the offline player running in Mac OS X Leopard.

- Fixed a crash that could occur when connecting your Scratch LIVE hardware while playing in the Offline Player.

- Improved stability of the offline player in Vista.

- Fixed a stall on build overviews for unsupported files.

Deck controls and playback
- Improved the ability to Mix with loops if your track has an accurate bpm. This means that if you have two tracks beatmatched, and then loop one of the tracks, they should stay in syc. This won’t beatmatch for you, or make bad loops work, but if your loop is of a sensible length it will stay in sync.

- Added code to prevent dropout storms on mac. A dropout storm is where a very large dropout causes endless dropouts till Scratch LIVE restarts.

- The trancifier now uses the ‘A-Slot’ so it does not overwrite your saved loops.

- Fixed a bug where the censor button would not show in a certain situation when changing from abs to rel or int modes with a track loaded.

Library, crates and tracklist
- Fixed the bug where the library could keep scrolling after dragging a file quickly out of the library area.

- Fixed a crash when using the scroll wheel (or two finger scrolling) while the mouse is over the Library column chooser button.

- Added a confirmation dialog box when you edit multiple tags in the library.

- Fixed the browse panel from not being resizable.

- Fixed a crash that could occur while editing tags if you use ctrl and right arrow to edit the next tag field and the next tag field is off of the screen.

- Added some safeguards against crate corruption.

Preferences and setup options
- Fixed a crash that could occur if you exit Scratch LIVE during ‘relocating lost files’.

- Added logging of ‘relocate lost files’ to ‘RelocateLostFiles.log’ in the ScratchLIVE folder.

Hardware Related
- Fixed the TTM 57SL firmware update from getting stuck on the firmware update progress bar on Mac.

Graphical User interface
- Improved switching back and forth between fullscreen and windowed mode on Mac.

- Fixed a bug where some left deck controls would be missing if you went from plugging an SL 1 or TTM 57SL in Rel or Abs mode, then hotplugged an MP 4.

- Added missing tooltips for previous and next track on the offline player.

- Scratch LIVE can now resized correctly when changing display resolution on mac.

- Scratch LIVE can now be run in fullscreen on secondary displays on mac.

Tags and metadata
- Fixed BPM tags from being lost in .mp4 files.

- Fix for autogain on video files not saving if it was calculated by the deck overview filler.

- Fixed bug where sometimes tags would be rescanned on startup, or overviews kept needing rebuilding on the overview builder screen. Please let us know if you see this problem happen after exiting this build.

- The Scratch LIVE window now no longer zooms when going to the exit screen on Mac.

- Using ‘relocate lost files’ on Video files should now keep any video metadata for those files (ie. cue points, overviews etc).

- Changed mp4 metadata ‘supported format’ to ‘isom’.

- Fixed a crash on an MP3 with a certain kind of unsynchronized ID3 tag.

Other fixes and changes
- Fixed bug where the recording level meters were not working on Power PC Macs.

- Fixed a crash that could occur on exit.

- Fixed a crash on certain quicktime files that have no bitrate.

- Fixed missing quicktime files from being marked as corrupt instead of missing.

- To avoid a crash on windows, AVIs/MOVs with mp3 audio will load to deck, seek, etc, but only play silence (Windows only).

- Fixed a crash that could occur on a particular mov file on windows.

- Fixed a crash that could occur on AAC files with non-english characters in the filename on windows.

- Fixed a crash on a video with xvid video and mpeg-3 audio

- Fixed a crash on exit that could occur if the browse panel had focus.

- Fixed a crash on Quicktime / AAC files on windows for files with non-western characters in the filename.

- Improved the robustness of importing and relocating lost files for files that normally crash quicktime.

Download for WINDOWS
Download for MAC

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  1. jacob c says:

    as soon as the download is complete my adobe pops up saying that the file cannot be supported or its been damaged in some way. What do I have to do for adobe and my computer to read serato? I have a brand new hp windows vista 64 bit?

  2. Make sure you're downloading the suitable file-type for your Operation system.

    If you run a windows machine and want to install serato download the file ending with .zip; if you run a Macintosh machine and you wish to download serato – download the file with .dmg file type. and always check that you have a zip extractor, which you can get from, though most XP machines have the ZIP archiver built inside.

    If you still get the error, a more detailed error message would be appreciated to help you solve your serato problem.

    good luck!

  3. dj gorkhali says:

    I was wondering if I could use serato scratch with my Korg Zero 4 Mixer which has a build in soundcard? I can play Traktor Scratch with my mixer but was wondering if it was possible to play Serato with my Mixer.

    Any Help would be appreciated..

    thank you


  4. Fredie says:

    Is this the full version fro FREE!

  5. DJ Dogsweat says:

    s/w is free as a media player but full functionality for deck control only activated through plugging in the serato hardware and control vinyl.

  6. Dj Max says:

    i used to carry my laptop for some outdoor shows & i was wondering for pro software to play live

  7. Dj Obscenity says:

    I downloaded serato to go on my acer 8.9 specificly for the purpose of file portability for shows.I don't want to carry around a 10 pound laptop to shows.It says my resolution isn't high enough.I have 1024×600 and it says it needs 700.There has to be some kind of patch for this or something.I think alot of DJ's are wanting to use these smaller machines to take to shows and some kind of update or mini laptop version needs to be available.Please tell me what I can do.I would appreciate some feedback on this.Thanx and have a good day!!!!!!

  8. Dj Obscenity says:

    sorry ment to check email for followup this is regarding my first comment….Thanx

  9. Dj Obscenity says:

    I would like some feedback on my earlier post.There has to be a way to make this work on my acer aspire one.I'ts a 8.9" screen w/ only 1024×600.I should think if a patch doesn't exist it should be something to fix because all the dj's I know are wanting to switch to these smaller laptops for shows.It's a whole lot easier to carry around.Please get back to me and tell me what I can do….THANX

  10. Dj Obscenity says:

    Ok so no answer at all.I honestly just don't believe it.CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 360 says:

    i have the same problem as you with the 1024 x 600 all i think of is finding another program


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