• frankieknuckles
    R.I.P The “Godfather of House” Frankie Knuckles

    Legendary DJ and producer, Frankie Knuckles, has passed away Monday at the age of 59. Frankie Knuckles first started DJing in the early 70′s alongside dance music pioneer, Larry Levan. Soon after, he picked up a residency at the famed Warehouse nightclub in Chicago where his nights left such an

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    Steve Brian, David Berkeley & Robien M – “Stars and Hearts”

    Vocal lovers, bring your ears in closer. Euphonic Records is a week away from releasing the Steve Brian and Robien M single “Stars and Hearts” featuring the warm vocals of David Berkeley. It’s catchy without the kitschy, and good without the Gouda. Give it a listen and if you dig

  • high guys
    Top 5 Electronic Music Dance Moves

      5. The “Hold On To Your Hat” This dance move is characterized by leg movements so intense, you literally have to hold on to your hat so it doesn’t fly off. Generally practiced by wannabe b-boys  in tank tops, it involves a lot of looking down and holding your

  • sohn1
    SOHN is Something Different

    Sometimes from the emptiness of solitude the most substance can be materialized. Such is the case with self-proclaimed solitary musician “SOHN”. In a recent interview with Noisey, he described his mindset when writing his album Tremors as “melancholy.” He said “there are moments of positivity but they come out in

  • [Photo credit:]
    David Guetta Splits from Wife – F*** Me, I’m Divorced

    David Guetta and his wife of 24 years, Cathy, have called it quits. The couple’s divorce comes just two years after they renewed their vows in Ibiza. David and Cathy have two kids together, ages 6 and 10. We hope David Guetta has a solid prenup otherwise “Fuck me, I’m

  • Your negativity is killing trance
    Why Trance Is Slowly Trying to Save Itself

    There seems to be this popular sentiment, reiterated two weeks ago on (, that trance is somehow killing itself. If something’s not 138 BPM, they say, trance fans will say it’s not trance, which is apparently killing the genre because producers won’t want to cater to such a demanding

  • humble
    Impressions on the Humble Rhythm Weekly Sale

    Any PC gamer knows that the Humble Bundle is the best deal in town. Give what you want to charity, get a bunch of games (hence why my Steam accounts is in the triple digits – yeh yeyy). But they also have the Humbe Weekly Sale, which is basically the

  • edm
    Why Does Everyone Hate EDM?

      In case you missed it, last week Deadmau5 announced that he was sick of EDM because it “all sounds the same”, and was going to be producing techno instead. After double-checking to make sure I wasn’t on Wunderground, I sat back and wondered just what the hell has become


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